Author Topic: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)  (Read 1185 times)


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Re: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:58:28 am »
SBU_Football - that was a great analysis of the play calling. We also have always underutilized 88 in particular. I had a class with him my last year at SBU so he's been here forever yet we haven't used him to his full potential. He's 6'8'' and never got to showcase his natural ability here. Sad.

I'm glad we won, but those issues are still present with this team. It's a contract year for Coach P so he might be doing a bit better with the game preparation, though I think the success of this team is likely more due to the experience of the players than the coaching. We lose a TON next year. Coach P can use this year to say he deserves an extension, but how much of this is really attributable to him?? I have no idea.

Oh and VA_Seawolf, I believe you said that if the Seawolves finished 7-4 this year you would eat a shoe. Haha, not trolling you, just looking at some old posts and I saw this. Glad you were wrong (I'm sure you are as well). It's a good problem, right?

I probably did. I thought losing Hemphill along with Carbone being the starter would have us finishing 3-8 at best despite all the talent. The quality loss to FBS top 20 USF gave me hope at the time for this team, and then winning the W&M game on the road (even though we were in full meltdown mode and barely escaped with that game) followed by the New Hampshire win a couple weeks ago really made me start believing in this team. The talent in this program is always there, it's just how it's being used. We could be 8-0 right now honestly.

You're right though, I'm pleasantly surprised by this season. I'll find a shoe-shaped Jello mold and eat that instead  ;D ;D

As a side note, I don't want any players who potentially might read this to get ahead of themselves. FOCUS ON ALBANY...

But I was looking and most of the previous 7 and 8 seeds in the playoff over the past few years have been 8-3 or 9-2 teams from leagues that aren't quite as strong as the CAA. Big South Charleston Southern got an 8 seed at 9-2 a couple years ago despite being in the Big South, so I think if we finish at 9-2 in the league we're in it will be hard to keep us out of that top 8. The weak Southland with Soft Houston State has two teams in the top 8 right now which is kind of frustrating. Hopefully one of them loses. I hope Wofford loses one too. The SoCon nor Southland are as strong as the CAA.