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Re: 2017 Empire Clash - vs. Albany (Game 9)
« on: November 01, 2017, 05:26:40 am »
Timon is out for the year; we now lost our best OT...Bummer

SBU was very fortunate to get this win; if your review the stats we were stronger in the kicking game & that was it...

We got breaks with penalties early that allowed us to score & there was a lot of bad calls in this game on both sides.

What really surprise me was the lack of an effective offensive game plan:

2.7 yards per carry 40 rushing attempts
7.9 passing avg 27 attempts

I also notice several questionable play calls;

2nd quarter 1:38 seconds & they decide to run out the clock; you need to put points up against Richmond.

3rd quarter We run off 2nd string LT just came into the game loose 2 yards; 2nd down run off LT no gain, 3rd down run off LT no gain wkick the ball?

4th Quarter penalty late in 4th quarter coach elects to not take the penalty making it 3rd down 14 on the Richmond 16 yard line; he declines & 4th down n 4 yards n Richmond does a fake punt 25 yard gain Richmond...Why... you pin them back & get the ball back with great field position.   

4th quarter we have the ball on Richmond 46 yard line 4th down 2.5 yards n we elect to kick.... our D is giving up big yardage in passing game & this was a time to let the offence make a statement n hold onto the ball..... we elect to kick.  Richmond comes down & scores.

SBU will go up against very good competition if they make the playoffs; but you cannot make these kinds of calls & mistakes & hope to win.

Ths team has many weapons & we do not use the RB, SB, TE in our short passing game well... or play smash mouth w an 3 TE set for short running gains when needed.

This was discussed with several of the players families & we also notice that 2 of the biggest running plays was when 88 was in the game; why isn't he being used more in run & passing game with his size. This has also been asked from several of the teams & coaches that we played against.  In addition #3 is the best special teams player we have & he also is not being used;
I would not put a starting RB in the return game when he is a necessity in the run game..... why take any chance.

We can all be critics in this game but game film & stats don't lie....  We could of torn some teams up if we were more versatile of our play calling.

Great quote in football...We adjust our game plan based on the players we have to win.... Coach Belichick  might not like him but he is one hell of a good coach & teacher of the game & he uses his players effectively & instills confidence in his players.

I have the pleasure of being at many games; but adjustments in play calling needs to be more effective & we need to utilize the talent better that we have on this team.


My biggest concern with the play calling was late in the 4th Q, with 6 minutes on the clock and we are up 10.. Coach P decides to run the ball 3 times. I counted 9 guys in the box in all three downs.. That was a perfect time to throw the ball for a quick slant to Bolden. But no, we go 3 and out..

And coach P not taking that penalty call was totally mind boggling..That would have pinned Richmond deep and it would it would have been 3rd down and for ever..

Oh, well... Just be happy SB is playing this well and is knocking on the door of the playoffs. I had them for dead before the season even started mainly because of Carbone as our starting QB.. I am glad he greatly improved this year. He still needs to learn to throw the ball a little lower and not so high. Someone is going to get hurt really bad if keeps doing that..
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