Author Topic: 2016 CAA Ranking: Which School Has the MOST NFLers?  (Read 344 times)


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2016 CAA Ranking: Which School Has the MOST NFLers?
« on: May 15, 2016, 06:57:36 pm »
Hello Fellow CAA fans! We at the W&M Sports Blog decided to update this ranking, as we did last year! We found some interesting tidbits, such as:
-There are currently ~64 CAA players in the NFL (including Rookie Mini Camp Invites)
-Roughly HALF of these players come from THREE programs in the CAA
-Stony Brook, despite currently having a low number of players represented, still have more than three other CAA schools combined; we have no doubt that as Stony Brook continues to settle in to the CAA, their numbers will go up.

Definitely check out the link, and feel free to fact-check our lists! To find all the players, we used the ESPN tool (in the link below), and conducted research through each team's Twitter pages/official websites to find their Rookie Mini Camp invites (if their program had any).

Good luck this year Seawolves!

Ranking: ... st-nflers/
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