Author Topic: 2012-2020: Future of SBU Football - Conference Affiliation, FBS Football, etc  (Read 17546 times)


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Hofstra was very average for how well they performed most seasons. Mostly mid-pack among FCS schools in attendance:

Since you've already reached and surpassed Hofstra's former averages, and had a contest with 10K+, you can look beyond that comparison. If you look to UB's 1-AA years you're ahead in many ways but behind in attendance and SOS. UB went from D-3 in 1992 to 1-AA in '93, straight to playing the likes of Maine, YSU, JMU, and Ill St. The results were often rough but we had great crowds of 10k-12K for many games.  We then had over 15k season tickets sold for our final 1-AA season. The jump to CAA opponents will tell a lot about your fan base.

You have gone a proper steady route to grow toward the CAA and beyond. Once UB succeeded in leading the push to overturn the SUNY scholarship ban the stated goal was returning to the highest level of football. That cost us in football, where the old Yankee and Gateway leagues would not take us. And in other sports the then NAC (now AE) always rejected our applications. By '95 the MAC happened to be led by a commish who was a former UB FB assistant and they unanimous accepted us. Going from the Mid-Con to the MAC in basketball was tough enough but FBS was a big challenge that took us many years of sorting out the proper AD and coaching. We were barely mid-level FCS in talent those first few years and it took hiring Warde Manuel as AD and Turner Gill to finally develop a culture of success.