Author Topic: 2012-2020: Future of SBU Football - Conference Affiliation, FBS Football, etc  (Read 17219 times)


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danger in rushing FBS

We can learn a lot from keep studying what Umass is doing and not make the same mistakes. Playing far from campus to meet FBS attendance requirement is really hurting them.

New England in general not a college football followers. There are only two notable FBS in the region UConn and BC. Even they are not widely followed and not powerhouse in college football. We have to make sure we dont turn into Buffalo or Umass if ever decide to play FBS.

ODU on the other hand transitioned so quickly that its remarkable. But one thing they had on there side is that the area had no pro sports or college football. Now they are expanding their stadium to 30k capacity!

We need to wait and see what Delaware does. They have the support and facilities for FBS move but will they? Are they ready to trade from being FCS power to FBS mediocre?
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