Author Topic: 2012-2020: Future of SBU Football - Conference Affiliation, FBS Football, etc  (Read 17299 times)


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I had a nice time at the Spring practise today. Maysonet, and  Essington were sitting in the bleachers and we had some small talk... They are both a pleasure to talk to and very respectable young men... I wish them both the very best luck in their life endeavor !!!!    I did get a chance to see both Negron and Bednarski at Quarterback and I would say Negron won the battle in that category.. Bednarski does have a nice arm but his accuracy is to be questioned. Negron, from what i see has control with both and should be our starting Quarterback this season assuming he stays healthy, Essington agrees as well.. In the Wide receiver Dept. SB recently recruited a JV Transfer who actually is a Senior this year,# 5 Malcolm Eugene. Malcolm looks really, really good and should be a nice replacement with Norrel gone.

We still have a lot of Spring practise left and Transfers are coming in from all over the place so stay tuned, this year should be exciting and If I see something not floating on the web, I'll pass it along.