Author Topic: 2012-2020: Future of SBU Football - Conference Affiliation, FBS Football, etc  (Read 17122 times)


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That's a great question and thought, Seawolf97, and one that's been on my mind for a long time. I'm a '79 grad, so I've been looking for reasons to have more pride in my alma mater for quite a while now. While basketball, football, and lacrosse have achieved some success over the past few years, NOTHING comes close to what baseball has done this season. And while donations such as the Simons gift are actually more meaningful to the mission of the university, the baseball story has a publicity effect probably like a $1 billion donation would have...unlike anything else that could have been hoped for. Yes, after a few weeks it will fade and we'll look forward to the next best thing, probably a deep run into the playoffs by football. But I think the baseball phenomenon has set a new floor for the university from which to reach even higher.