Author Topic: 2012-2020: Future of SBU Football - Conference Affiliation, FBS Football, etc  (Read 17419 times)


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Re: 2012-2020: Future of Stony Brook Football
« on: February 06, 2012, 05:21:41 pm »
Sorry, in my previous post I meant "FBS" (not BCS...a whole other level). But to continue the discussion, I wouldn't want to attend a game off campus. When I return for Homecoming, I WANT to visit the campus while attending the game. I don't want another venue; it's a business proposition at that point, not a Homecoming. And if by FBS it means MAC, that's not a bargain either. Playing the Akrons, Western Michigans, and Toledos of the country is no more attractive (maybe less!) than playing New Hampshire, Maine, William and Mary, and Richmond.

It would absolutely be a business decision. I understand wanting to play New Hampshire, Maine, William and Mary, and Richmond, but those teams are stuck at FCS - they aren't getting calls from FBS conferences either because they are located in a small media market, have too small of an enrollment, their market already has an FBS team, or some combination. Stony Brook is the exact opposite of those schools - It's a large university within the most sought after media market, a market that doesn't have any any FBS football teams within it's footprint. I'd bet within 4-5 years of Stony Brook's first FBS win or FCS final four they'll be playing FBS football. Stony Brook is too attractive and college football is too big of a business for it not to happen, regardless of how improbable it may look at the moment. Schools like Stony Brook don't stay in the FCS.