Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 26582 times)

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 I agree with BigFF. We are not there yet with fan support. Also it's not always the best move to jump up to FBS. I don't know what it does for some of these programs. You go from being top dog in the FCS to an after thought in FBS. You can get talent but it takes alot more than that to be a successful FBS program. Northeast football on a whole needs to get better. All the FBS teams that have cut ties with the northeast ( Pitt, Penn St., BC, Rutgers, Syracuse, Uconn?) is a sign of disconnect. This is a pro football area but it could be a college one as well. I think that The CAA teams bring that back to some extent. Umass playing in the MAC doesn't accomplish a thing. If in 5-10 yrs they elevate some CAA teams from the Northeast like SB, NH, Delaware, Maine etc and take some of the big east teams that are going to be left in the cold when that conf dismantles and create a new Northeast heavy conf, I feel that will work. But putting SB or NH in the MAC would make no sense. It needs to be geographic in order to get the fan bases involved. And hopefully with the continued local recruiting our attendance will keep going up, cause it needs to.