Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 26582 times)


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Off topic. Did anyone watch the FCS Champion game on saturday NDSU vs Sam Houstan ??  .. What a great game that was.... After watching that game I  was just thinking about how NDSU could very easilly be in a FBS confrence and compete against some of the smaller school in the FBS and win, and they have. Actually I think they do have a winning record against FBS schools... The question is. Do they want to join the FBS or just stay in the FCS and win Champiomships????

From what I've been reading lately, if an FBS school makes it into a Bowl game that school would need to sheel out about $10 milliom dollars??? someone correct me if I'm wrong with that but sounds like alot of $$$$ for a small school like NDSU and many other FCS schools to be paying for a bowl game.

So the question reamains...If SBU becomes as good as NDSU, Old Domimion, and others and could easilly compete in a FBS confrence, would they want to ??????