Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 26587 times)

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i dunno.  is it really a science to go after better players rather than worse players, especially given these days you can just look at ESPN/rivals ratings, watch video in a few clicks, etc.

also there's this: “I just decided to back out and get my grades right so I can go to a higher school.” “So far I’ve talked to California and U-Conn,” he said. “They both just texted me first and they’re both high DI schools. Basically, they’re trying to help me out and fulfill my talents.”

is SBU considered higher?  and if you're asking what does that mean- take any meaning.

academically?  sure is perhaps stronger.  is there a vast ocean between the two?  maybe not, to a kid who is looking to play football at the FBS level.
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