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SBU ends the year as #16 in the STATS poll and #18 in the Coaches poll. Can't feel bad about ending the year that way given how we had a complete meltdown in the final two games. Nice to be able to pitch a top 20 finish to recruits even though we've all since long moved on to basketball at this point. SBU is the highest ranked five loss team in the STATS poll, the more legitimate of the two polls. Big takeaway here is that we're finally getting some respect as a program now, which will lead to higher rankings, and eventually higher post-season seeds.



I'm a bit more favorable towards Priore because (while Hofstra's folding helped a LOT) he did this. His talent, recruiting skills, and commitment permitted our expectations to perhaps rise above the ceiling of his abilities. I work at an ACC school now, and people there have actually heard of our football team. It's nice.
How many players from Stony Brook will be participating in this year Senior Bowl, and will be selected in this year NFL draft?? Zero. Once again, coach P will NOT have any SB players drafted in the NFL.

There was a bunch of FCS players in the Shrine game this year, and a bunch will be drafted.. Just saying..

Coach P does not have what it takes to take this school to the next level, and athletes out of HS know this..
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