Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 26375 times)


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So. Rumors are circulating around the web that JMU coach Houston, is gone and is now the HC for FBC Charlotte. 3# years into a 10-year contract and he was garnishing P5 interest. UNC had eyes on him as well but went a different direction. What does SB get?? Well, they get coach P for 4 more years in a secretive contract.

Charlotte? That's barely a step up from JMU, but JMU ain't doing all that great this season all things considered, so strike while the Iron is hot I guess.

I'm seeing all these coaching rumors swirl around and deep down I hope somebody takes Coach P from us and pay his buyout in the process so we can take the program in a new direction once all the coaching musical chairs ends lol.
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