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Outside of Delaware what signature wind does SB have, none. We cant get a seed regardless who wins or loses this season at this point. I would love to play Colgate. Two powerhouse defenses. It would all come down to the running game and SB would ultimately tire out Colgate defense. Like they did with Delaware.

This is probably right, but it's too early to say for sure. How does the committee feel about UC Davis' resume? Would they really give three Big Sky teams a first round bye while giving one or none to the CAA? What if Weber State loses to Idaho State (ISU can get one of the last playoff spots with an upset win over a top 5 team)? What about the Jacksonville State vs Kennesaw State game? Does either team get a seed with a KSU loss? If Colgate gets blown out by Army are they still seeded? They haven't played much of anybody all year. Will they give a seed or two to whoever wins the CAA AQ VIA that complicated tiebreaker (The final tie-breaker is Sagarin ratings and we're second in the conference by that metric just behind JMU)? Will they simply seed who they believe is the best CAA team? There are still so many questions marks as to how many teams get byes and who those teams are.  We're still top ten in both polls right now. Anything can happen.

What I hope for most is Maine loses, and we beat Albany to win a share of the CAA. That would be huge for our guys and this program. Finally CAA conference champions! Everything else is out of our hands. I'd love to play Colgate, but not until the second round. I believe they could be a paper tiger and be a fairly easy win all things considered as they haven't played a team with our size all year. That would be a fun game.

Regardless, I'd love to make it to the FCS quarterfinals this year. We've never made it that far and it would be a way for us to advance the program further if we finally did make it. That's a goal that's completely within reach for us regardless of CAA title, first round bye, seed, etc. We've always lost on the road in the second round in all of our playoff appearances thus far.
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