Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 26374 times)


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    • View Profile has this projection of the field if the season ended today. I think this fair. I'd hate to play @Colgate in the second round, but they haven't played anybody all year. We'll know whether or not they're a paper tiger after the Army game.

This is very interesting. Showing 6 CAA teams in the playoffs! Shows the strength of the conference. SEC of FCS.

As for bracket. I hope we get a seed. What needs to happen for a seed? Will defeating Albany with a high margin give us the seed? What other results need to be in our favor?

If we donít get the seed, I hope we get to play other eastern teams rather than CAA teams in the first couple of rounds. I would rather play Duq, Wofford or Colgate than Maine. Not because I donít think we canít beat them, but because of novelty. We get to play CAA teams all the time.

Lastly, more than seed, I really hope we can be co-champions! Elon, please do us a favor!

Outside of Delaware what signature wind does SB have, none. We cant get a seed regardless who wins or loses this season at this point. I would love to play Colgate. Two powerhouse defenses. It would all come down to the running game and SB would ultimately tire out Colgate defense. Like they did with Delaware.