Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 27404 times)


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#21 in new coaches poll

While I'm glad we're ranked....

we really should be in the mid teens and there's no way in hell goddamn New  Hampshire should still be ranked ahead of us or even ranked at all. Same for 4-4 Villanova. Richmond was dropped from the rankings after we beat them, but we're still behind a New Hampshire team we beat even though we have a better record?? People can try to poke holes in our resume, but there isn't anything on their resumes that warrant them having a higher ranking than us. Beating 0-6 GA Southern that just fired their coach isn't anything to write home about.

The Coaches Poll is a load of garbage, the STATS poll is the only legitimate one in my mind and the one that's given us more respect from the start anyhow.

Totally correct. The Darlings of the CAA will always get the benefit of the doubt. This proves SB needs 8 wins to make the playoffs. It must be something about the SUNY schools they dont like. UA got screwed last year, even beating UB who has a better record then GA Southern... Unbelievable