Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 27057 times)


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On the DC search when Lyle took over 3 years ago as the DC he didn't install the current defense it was installed by the guy he replaced and the reason he got the job was his familiarity with that defense. Coach P wants the next DC to be someone who can run this type of defense and then just tweak it like Lyle did

I was going to say this. I wish coach Hemphill the best and thank him for his time at Stony Brook, but I'm not too concerned about the loss for Stony Brook. He's running the same system as Nevaiser . Theres been a lot of great talent at Stony Brook on the defensive side of the ball and that'll be true next year as well.

I actually remember talking to some players when Hemphill was promoted and they thought it was mistake. They were wrong obviously, but I just to emphasize that we don't necessarily need someone with a fancy resume. I wouldn't hate promoting someone on the current staff again.