Author Topic: Stony Brook Seawolves Football News, Press Releases, etc  (Read 27405 times)


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I totally agree with you SBUFootball.  An absolute embarrassment to the program if in fact they are not being upfront and truthful with commits & recruits regarding the fact that Coach Hemphill has moved on (congrats to Coach Hemphill by the way - he earned it and the program was lucky to have him for as long as it did). They need to name a new DC asap. I would be surprised if this came as a shock to Coach P; he had to know Hemphill was a rising star likely to be lured away by a bigger program, the only surprise being that Hemphill didn't move on before now. 
If they are concerned that the news of Hemphill's departure might influence some decisions, then rather than pretend it has not happened and cross their fingers hoping nobody finds out about it, they should reach out to the current commits and those still being recruited to let them know the hole has been filled (presumably from within) and that the SBU defense will continue to be dominant under the new leadership and assure the player (especially those targeted for the defensive side of the ball) that he is still wanted by, and important to, the program.