Author Topic: 2011: Season Complete - Thoughts on SBU Football...  (Read 1265 times)


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Re: 2011: Season Complete - Thoughts on SBU Football...
« on: December 05, 2011, 01:01:17 pm »
Don't forget about Masengo on D, assuming he's back in uniform. He's probably the only four star recruit ever in the Big South. Hopefully he's not prone to injury and not realize his potential (as was the case with Gowins), but he would be a beast at this level.

Liberty brought in there own four star recruit last year with Georgia Tech transfer Ryan Ayers, but I agree that he should have enough talent to be a significant contributor for us. We're going to need him to be fit and healthy because we have to replace Kirk and Nelson and he's our only option at the moment. Definitely the biggest question mark for next year is the interior defensive line.
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