Author Topic: Seawolves win 2019 AE title  (Read 1404 times)


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Re: Seawolves win 2019 AE title
« Reply #30 on: October 10, 2018, 07:32:35 pm »
I wouldn't put too much stock into the Magazines rankings. They pay very little attention to smaller leagues,do no research on our recruits and can't guage off season Development.
In 2016, Tennessee had a NY kid named Kevin Punter(JUCO transfer) who went from 10 PPG to 22 PPG JR to Sr year while only playing 3 more minutes per game. Only one's who could predict that drastic of improvement were the one's close to his development.

We have the most talented Roster in the league, No question about it.
I'm buying Yeboah as a perimeter threat. He shot 35% on 4.5 attempts per last season. He'll be at 38-39% on 5 attempts per this season.
Olaniyi is true to his craft and should jump from 31% to 35% , he's shooting it way better and his work ethic is something we all know about.(Media has no idea). Olaniyi looks like the type of kid that makes that year to year jump I mentioned Kevin Punter making.
If we have 3 guys shooting 35% or better from long range we'll be respected behind the line.
Which like you guys said, will clear out space for the big fellas to work down low but also it will create hard close outs for dudes like Olaniyi,Cornish and Lattimer to boogie to the basket in a straight line.

I'd like to believe this, but like others haven't seen us, we haven't seen them. That said, between Latimer and Otchere, I believe in this coaching staff's ability to recruit.

On top of the Fordham scrimmage, I think that the GW game is very much winnable. They lost a ton.

I'll be at that GW game hopefully. Should be good.