Author Topic: Seawolves win 2019 AE title  (Read 1404 times)


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Re: Seawolves win 2019 AE title
« Reply #30 on: October 10, 2018, 01:10:08 pm »
I don't want to be the Bias guy in a message board with a relationship to a player, so I don't say much about Big Jeff but let me just say this please,
He's coming along nicely, has gotten up to 240 Pounds. Has become more patient in the post, and more reliable, most of all he's learning how to defend without fouling,positioning,angling. With his God given gifts, simply doing things the right way is the answer to his troubles. Still a LONGG way to go for him to maximize his vast potential. He's covered a good amount of ground through summer and fall. Credit to the Stony Brook Coaching staff.
Seawolves win the AE title in 2019 😎