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I dont see it as a problem. Grow the brand and in the future we could get a money-raising campaign for a future 9-15k arena at home. You never know. We can even have a hockey rink on the future one. It all depends if we can continue to win and build tradition. Its obvious that we have big time donors. They just don't care that much about athletic yet, but in the future we can have a $50 million campaign and build ourselves a nice arena. we wouldn't be the first or last University to do it. For now, having a 4k athletic arena is perfect. It keeps maintenance cost down and is more likely and can realistically be sold out... I mean, does anyone think Stony Brook can sell out a 9k-15k arena within the next five years. I doubt it. When the time comes to build we came make the current arena a practice facility or the home of Stony Brook women's basketball while we the bigger one hosts the Men...

Gonzaga is Gonzaga and their arena holds 6k if i'm not mistaken. We have a long way to go guys. Lets just hold on and continue to support our school. The best thing we can do is promoting our alma mater every day and introduce as many people to SBU athletics are possible. The future is bright!
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