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I have a question about the Expansion of SBU Basketball Arena.  I was just looking at some of the other Arenas in the America East Schools SB plays with and I see the a few of the Arenas are really nice and they seat over 4000 people.  ie: Agganis Areana 7200.. UMBC 5200,Hofstra 5100 etc.. There is no doubt pritchard Gym as way to small now since SBU basketball has finally made a national name but, why not do it right the first time and build a larger Arena instead of the 4000 seat Arena they are currently building now?. I do understand $$$ is always an issue, especially considering SBU is a State School and a lot of the money comes from tax dollars... I think a 7000 to 9000 seat Arena makes more sence maybe not today but down the road.

SBU Athletics as a whole appears to be running on all 8 cylinders now and their basketball team is only getting better and better every year and is also drawing a larger fan base on and off the campus.. I do see a eventual change in Conference  down the raod to a stronger Conference, like The Big East perhaps, and that alone will draw more people into the Arena to watch SB play and a 4000 seat Arena will be to small to accommodate the fans.. IE ;UCON 10,167.. Georgetown 20,000.. Syracuse 34,000 +.     I guess I'm dreaming and getting way to ahead of my self with the expansion thing but I do have a vision, one day, SB can and will be another Gonzaga, if they want it to be !!!!!

It was a question I raised to the SB Athletic Directors during a season ticket holder meeting. I too am skeptical that SB can advance its brand to where it wants to end up with a 4K basketball arena. However, the reply I got was that the powers that be had done their research, and the trend for our level and our target level is towards smaller home arenas. Of course they would also include occasional use of large scale pro arenas for "marquee games". They also mentioned several high profile teams (without names) that are planning on visiting our new home.

That said, I do think they'll end up making use of larger seating pavilions like Nassau Coliseum or Barclay's for big visitors (like, for example, Ohio State). No different than U Conn and the Pavilion, or Seton Hall and the Prudential Center.

Btw - it was also mentioned that we may get a naming bid for SB Arena. Would be phenomenal to get that kind of branding.