Author Topic: Pikiell Gone to Rutgers.. now what???  (Read 3496 times)

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Re: Pikiell Gone to Rutgers.. now what???
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2016, 02:54:18 pm »
They tried to move all sports to CAA when football moved and were blocked by Hofstra, who had no say in football because they dropped program. How has the move to CAA worked for Hofstra. I don't really see how moving helps. You need to win and play in national tournaments to gain recruits. Kids want exposure, they want to see banners hanging. This is not the SEC , its mid major. If its not broke then don't fix it. Look at Boise St. in football if, small conf works for them. And were exactly is all this wealth of Stony Brook money. They have to beg the public to match the funds on the indoor practice facility. Football didn't need to move. The big south had Charleston southern ranked #1 for 8 weeks last year. They were a 4 seed in the tourney. They were a 2 bid conf for second yr in a row. Coastal Carolina is moving to div 1 from that conf. When you are a mid major your goal is to qualify for the playoffs, it doesn't matter what conf your doing it from. Yes big fish in a small pond is way better than saying you play in the CAA.