Author Topic: Pikiell Gone to Rutgers.. now what???  (Read 3496 times)


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Re: Pikiell Gone to Rutgers.. now what???
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2016, 06:19:40 am »
Moving to CAA makes no sense, in my opinion.. for the following reasons:

1) Both CAA and AE are one bid conferences, but CAA is more competitive. Therefore, chances of making to the NCAA tourney will be reduced.. since they are both one bid conferences, I would rather stay in AE, which we can hopefully dominate and get to the dance more often.

2) 2016 CAA is not the same as 2010 CAA.. programs like VCU and GMU all left. Even though its still more competitive than AE, the prestige factor is not there anymore.

3) We don't need CAA to move up in future. Our role model should be Gonzaga or Davidson. Davidson dominated Southern conference for a long time and ignored CAA's invites, and moved straight to Atlantic 10. Again, we don't need to join CAA to get an invite from Atlantic 10 or MAC in future.

4) CAA footprint is from the Carolinas to Massachusetts. It's a lot of travel and waste of money to be in another one bid league. We can use that money to improve our athletics infrastructure and prepare for a conference even better.

5) Lets review and learn from old AE programs that joined CAA.. like Hofstra, Northeastern and Delaware..what have they have accomplished in CAA since leaving AE?

6) The most important offer that CAA can make is that it is the best FCS football conference in the north east .. guess what?.. we are already in CAA football!

How does moving all sports to CAA makes sense?

I understand your logic ibosbu, but in my opinion the CAA is still a stronger conference all around with sports, maybe Lax being the exception because of UA. The only way to grow and get better is to play a stronger schedule within your own conference,year after year. Most student athletes prefer to go to a school that is very strong in the sport that they are in. In Football, this is definitely the case. I'd imagine for recruiting purposes, the pool for potential athletes is bigger in the CAA then the AE which ranks consistently in the basement of all div1 sports.. The CAA is a jump up from the AE and I think SB can handle the additional travel expenses as you mentioned. If UA moves out of the AE, that leaves SB as the last and only competitive school in the conference with most sports...For me, I rather be in the middle of the pack in a strong conference with multiple schools with winning records then being in 1st place in a conference that has a bad RPI and SOS multiple schools with hideous losing records.. Again, this is only my opinion and I could be wrong with my thesis...