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Re: Mayo and King
« on: January 02, 2012, 03:48:09 pm »
It looks pretty obvious that both are redshirting, which is really good for your future.  Mayo and Warney replace Joyner and Rapier, King replaces Carter.  You really don't have a shot blocker on this year's team, so Mayo adds that.  You also don't have a big who can shoot from the perimeter, so King gives you that....Mayo for 3 years is huge, in my opinion.  Also, I've seen Warney 3 times in person, and he's already better than any of your bigs from a standpoint of rebounding/low post scoring/shot blocking.

Is Mayo redshirting because he wants to spend the year working on his game or is he injured?

I'm really intrigued by King. I think Pikiell said he has the highest vertical on the team and might be the best three point shooter as well. I was happy having him when I thought was just a long body with good range on his jumper. I'm sure his game needs some work or else we never would have been able to talk to him, but still I'm excited to see what he can do next year.

It's funny I really like our frontcourt this year with Brenton, Rapier, and Joyner, but next years with Brenton, Warney, Mayo, King, McAlister (he's going to figure it out at some point) looks very promising despite some new faces.