Author Topic: Game 24: vs. Hartford 2/3  (Read 380 times)


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Re: Game 24: vs. Hartford 2/3
« on: February 03, 2018, 01:46:43 pm »
Please donít laugh - that 1977-1978 team was special. I should know, I was an UG then and followed them in that old gym. Earl Keith was dominant, Wayne Wright got a tryout with the Knicks (wound up playing in Europe), and Larry Tillery was the best point guard ever to don a Stony Brook uniform. That team could have played and competed in the AE today. It was one of those freak things; all those talented kids playing in a DIII program. Ron Bash, their coach, wasnít a playerís Coach. I remember him taking the air out of the ball and going 4-corners (anyone remember that term?) for almost the entire 2nd half, in their NCAA quarterfinal game; yes, this was pre-shot-clock era. Wish I could be at tonightís game, but have some family obligations going on.

Awesome, and I wish we could see a highlight reel of this team. Have to assume the shorts were pretty short, too, and wondering if we'll see that look tonight. That year I was getting my butt kicked a couple times a week by a few future NBAers in the high school conference I was in, many time zones from here. Those were the days....