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Re: Game 23: vs. UMBC 1/31
« Reply #30 on: February 01, 2018, 12:44:53 pm »
The most stark difference between us and UMBC was the ball movement. Did you see the way they swung the ball around? Because we were stuck were stuck in molasses, we were actually lucky to be in it late because they had a million open wide-open looks from three but they didn't go down. Maura and Lyles could do whatever they want and go wherever they wanted to. We just don't have those guys.

We are now shooting a league-worst 57.6% from the free throw line. Fewest makes, third-fewest attempts. Just some killer misses from UC when were trying to go in front. 42-42, missed two. Down 58-56, missed two. We were 3 for 10 on free throws in the second half.

But but but wait it gets worse! If I did the math right ...

Conference totals first half
3-pointers: 39 for 104 (.375)
Free throws: 42 for 64 (.657)

Conference totals second half
3-pointers: 27 for 107 (.252)
Free throws: 39 for 77 (.507)

Those are some big-time bricks being thrown up with the game on the line! I'd love to know what our second half FT totals when we're up/down two points or tied.

Mac played some good minutes. I could see Maura picking his pocket from a mile away, and he should have turned it over underneath another time but instead made a short jumper. A step forward for him though.

Same for Ochefu. But I'm sure, for no reason imaginable, he won't get off the bench for the next few games.
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