Author Topic: Game 23: vs. UMBC 1/31  (Read 407 times)


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Re: Game 23: vs. UMBC 1/31
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:47:50 pm »
Are u kidding me on that last possession? Off a timeout? What a horrible coaching job.
Exactly. This is becoming a regular occurrence with This coach. He stinks. There a I called it.

I hate to bash, but after the masterful job he did last year, he’s taken a large step backwards this year. Dubious player rotations, allowing his kids to take questionable shots, poor offensive flow, horrible end-of-game play design, etc. Very frustrating since IMO, we have more individual talent on this team than we did last year. Yeah, we desperately miss Woodhouse’s leadership, but this boulder is picking up steam heading downhill, and appears to be out of control.

P.S. can we dedicate an entire practice to just FT shooting please? I’ll even volunteer my time to teach technique.
How old a Seawolf am I? I followed them during their Final 4 DIII hoops run in 1977-78 (they were called the Patriots then)