Author Topic: Game 21: at UMass Lowell 1/24  (Read 510 times)


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Re: Game 21: at UMass Lowell 1/24
« Reply #60 on: January 26, 2018, 10:26:53 am »
Here's my magic formula for saving the season.  I'm not asking for Coach to share any of his lucrative salary with me for these winning suggestions:  :)

1) At end of every practice, when players are tired, each player shoots 100 FT's.  Anyone who doesn't hit 70/100, shoots another 100.  Anyone who doesn't shoot 70/10 on this 2nd chance, doesn't play next game (you think I'm kidding here, guess again).  The point here is to get the kids to shoot them when they're tired (simulating game conditions), and to force concentration with the ultimate motive;

2) We reduce our merry-go-round lineups to 8 players, unless we get into foul trouble (which is another problem with this team - need to move our feet better).  Here is your 8-man rotation - i don't care who starts over who:

PLAYERS:  Cornish, Iroegbu, Sekunda, Petras, Sturdivant, Yeboah, Saintel, and Olaniyi.  With Sekunda out, I'll promote Almonacy to the top 8.

BENCH: Almonacy, McKenzie, Garcia, Long, Ochefu, O'Donohoe (sp?)

3) We go to a Zone defense primarily, and encourage teams to beat us from outside behind the arc, since we're struggling with our man-to-man, and defensive rebounding;

4) We get more creative on offense, driving to the hole more, pulling up and dishing inside the paint, and running some pick and rolls;

5) We restrict 3-point attempts to the following players only: Yeboah, Cornish, Iroegbu, and Sekunda, unless it's an end-of-half desperation attempt.  No one else allowed to shoot 3's, or you find yourself on the bench;

6) We make every effort to use our Time-Outs in critical situations, with designed plays coming out of these TO's;

7) We get Jameel Warney to sign legal documentation that  binds any future male offspring of his to a Seawolves uniform in the future;

OK, so there's my blueprint.  Let's get back on track Seawolves!

I like your style of practice, OldSeawolf. THe concern I have is most of the team will have to camp out and they would never leave the floor..