Author Topic: Game 21: at UMass Lowell 1/24  (Read 1023 times)

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Re: Game 21: at UMass Lowell 1/24
« Reply #30 on: January 24, 2018, 09:39:22 pm »
Well...amid a long series of poor performances since the Norfolk debacle, this was probably the worst. I think a lot of you were there already, but this one shifted my brain to next year. This team, for whatever or numerous reasons, seems cooked.

So in that spirit of looking ahead, my Silver Linings:

Good to see Olaniyi get back to having a pretty solid game. I say start him and play him 20 plus minutes from here on.

And...Mackenzie had a very solid game. He's not a scorer and he'll need to become at least an honest threat, but he played some solid defense and distributed the ball smartly in ways that no other SBU player can. He's got work to do, but I think he played more within himself and showed what he can bring to the team.

To add, Ochefu needs to play. I know I don't know anything about all that goes on during the week, but I'm ready to say these three freshman need minutes and experience to build for next year. Yes, even throw them to the UA and UVM wolves this year and let them get stomped. Give Yeboah his 20-30 points a game so he's a first-teamer. UVM ain't losing again until the NCAAs anyway, so what's it matter...

im ok with mack starting if it means we dont chuck panic threes.

we just dont move the ball.  if we did, we might create some offense. 

heck at this point, convert saintel or yeboah into a post player, back to the rim.  at least theyre getting the boards and will play physical.

on defense, should anyone from UML drop 30 on us???

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