Author Topic: Game 21: at UMass Lowell 1/24  (Read 1186 times)


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Re: Game 21: at UMass Lowell 1/24
« Reply #30 on: January 24, 2018, 09:37:55 pm »
Horrible loss. This team is deeply, deeply flawed. Boals succeeded last year due to Pikiell players especially Nyama/Yeboah and most importantly Woodhouse.

His recruits have not done much of note with the exception of Cornish. Iroegbu is an OK player but would not be starting on most AE teams. Saintel is a solid depth player. So far the freshman class has disappointed- with the exception of Olaniyi, not sure if you can say any of them have had an impact. Even worse is the fact that I feel several have regressed from the Pikiell era- Sturdivant and Sekunda have not improved. The free throw shooting has been downright embarrassing all year- that's gotta be on the coaches. Only reason this game went to OT was our horrible FT shooting.

Obviously, he's not going anywhere but this team needs a LOT of help. Next year is a big year for him as the team will be largely composed of his guys at that point. Stony Brook is a very good mid-major job so we should not accept mediocrity.

Totally agree MD. From What we have seen Boals recruits are not even D1.
He showed his true colors at the end if the 2nd half without calling a timeout to set up the floor for the win.. I really have my doubts with Boals and his assistance