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Re: Game 18: at Vermont 1/13
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really saw a lot of good from saintel today.  he's talented with the ball in his hands and driving to the hoop.

That is about all the good i saw today.. If Yeboah constantly gets himself into foul trouble, this team is finished.. I really thought Ochefu was a better player. I guess not. Just another project and a dream. Like Petris..

Ochefu moves much better than Petras, although we have not seen much evidence of whether he has a post game. At a certain point I wouldn't mind seeing the underclassmen get more minutes, including Macenzie and Long.

This may not go over well but I am not sure (unless there are recruiting benefits) there is much value in playing over your head in pre-conference play. They are not realistic games that enable you to run normal half-court sets (which is what it looks like SB needs work on), or even defend good half-court offenses (considering the ease in which Albany and Vermont were able to consistently get good looks.)