Author Topic: Game 17: vs. Binghamton 1/9 7pm  (Read 537 times)


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Re: Game 17: vs. Binghamton 1/9 7pm
« Reply #30 on: January 11, 2019, 10:28:12 am »
I agree with your sentiments. He does kill his dribble often and could take 1 extra dribble to draw the help defender a tad bit closer. But he's limited in the dribbling department as you noted and he knows it which is important.
Would we rather he take the extra dribble and cough the rock up or pick his dribble up and move it along safely and our Seawolves keep the possession?  Those are our options.
One other thing of note is when McKenzie does get past a guy, he changes hands with the ball to avoid the back tap. Another fundamental that even high major guards don't grasp.

He's a ball mover, a guy that will get into the paint off kick outs and lazy closeouts but won't create to get in the paint and almost always will kick it or dish it. He's going to get the ball over half court without turning it over. And if you're up ahead he will hit you right on the button like he did Jules Moor.He's serviceable back up with what he brings to the table.

We will be way better at that spot next year. Supposedly Kale is our best player. So as Cornish moves out. Kale just slides in and we keep what we have unless Yeboah leaves after graduation. The players themselves even think he's the goods.
More scorer than facilitator. Will shoot the 3 at a 40% clip and handles the rock well.
Seawolves win the AE title in 2019 😎