Author Topic: Game 17: vs. Binghamton 1/9 7pm  (Read 538 times)


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Re: Game 17: vs. Binghamton 1/9 7pm
« Reply #30 on: January 10, 2019, 08:11:56 pm »
Sloppy game but a win is a win.
I'm very concerned with our turnovers as conference play goes on. Especially the "live ball" turnovers.
We defended in the half court very well though and held them to an extremely low conversion rate. Wasn't all Big Jeff. I love how Olaniyi can sit in a stance and guard 5'9 guards but also can body up a 6'7 forward or slide his feet with an electric wing(Michigan State game). Man he's a stud on that side of the ball. Jules Moor needs more playing time is a tier below Olaniyi defensively.
Im happy big Jeff is getting the hang of his foul trouble. Binghamton started second guessing themselves every drive after that block in Little Sammy where we ICED the ball screen. Jeff took a Horrible angle and Sammy just changed directions to easily get into the lane, he thought he had a lay up (So did I) and Jeff recovers and swats it. That block there changed how they attacked. That is the Otchere Jeff Boals envisioned and why all those Universities wanted him.
How about 29 big minutes from McKenzie. Only turning the ball over 1 time. Compared to Cornish's 4 TO's in half the amount of time. I know the forum has been critical of him but I think the brakes need to be pumped just a little. And I think we all should appreciate him more.He's a steady hand during the storm at times. That 50 foot pass to Moor for the dunk is as good of a pass as you'll see in all levels of basketball. You can't practice that type of feed any better.
As a person who works with HS, College and Pro players for a living I learn to appreciate guys like McKenzie a great deal. Guys like him keep your locker room happy because they give the rock up to teammates very often, are technically sound and don't play outside of themselves. McKenzie almost always fakes a pass,before he makes a pass when he's under pressure. That's Textbook fundamentals. Some of the High major guys I work with still can't grasp that concept. When McKenzie plays within himself and does what he does, I'll take him any day.

All great points.  Still think McKenzie picks up his dribble way too early at times, particularly when under pressure.  I'd like to see him keep the dribble alive longer, and pass off the dribble consistently.  He's obviously earning more playing time with Coach Boals, and quite frankly, I love to see a coach pull someone off the floor, when they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

McKenzie is a bench warmer. SB would be much better off if Moore, Long, Olaniyi played more minutes and McKenzie sits this season out..