Author Topic: Game 17: vs. Binghamton 1/9 7pm  (Read 562 times)


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Re: Game 17: vs. Binghamton 1/9 7pm
« Reply #30 on: January 10, 2019, 12:39:26 pm »
Christie is a nice piece and he'd be playing a lot more under any other circumstances. The lefty jump hooks are legit by him. He's got a righty hook as well, and can carve out space on the glass.
No he isn't a rim protector nor can he step out and guard the perimeter but being that large gives you the ability to deter penetrators in this league. With further development, he'll be a load. Not just serviceable but load. Junior and Senior year Watch out for him.
I guess thereís a shortage of 7 footers with no athleticism.  Last night, he had his shot blocked on an attempted layup - Christieís feet never left the floor.  He can be on the team next season without a scholarship or bye-bye.  Our expectations need to be higher for this team in a horrible conference.  I donít want to waste any scholarship on the hopes of any kid being mediocre by his senior season.
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