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America East Tie Breaker Rules
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:42:05 am »
I know this is way too early to be talking about it, but I was discussing with my son yesterday, and he asked me what would happen if we ran the table the rest of the season, and UVM won each of their last remaining games, except for their home game vs SBU.  Who would win the America East in that scenario?  The AE website used to have the tie-breaker scenarios, but I could not find it on their current site.  However, I found the following link from back in 2015 on a UA fan website.  Not sure if these are the current tie-breaking rules or not, but if they are, I can't see us winning the AE in that scenario, due to our common losses to UMBC, and due to the RPI ranking tie-breaker which would be the deciding factor (before yesterday UVM # 61; SBU # 86).  Here's the link:

Does anyone know if these are the correct tie-breaker rules, and if so, does anyone disagree with my assessment, given the scenario above?

P.S.  Realistically, given our 2 conference losses to date, and the way UVM is playing, we should be aiming to protect that #2 seed.
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