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Re: 2014-15 Stony Brook basketball season
« Reply #405 on: March 27, 2015, 03:03:06 pm »
In answer to a previous question, here are 7 coaching candidates who I would take a look at (I have no doubt that there are better candidates than these guys, but these are the group that came to mind)

David Cason (currently a VCU assistant)
Jeremy Ballard (currently a VCU assistant)
Phillip Pearson (currently an assistant at UGA)
Eric Musselman (currently an assistant, former NBA head coach, but is only making ~$190k at LSU...)
Oliver Purnell (former DePaul HC, resigned '15, developing a Big East program with no tools)
Anthony Grant (former Alabama HC, fired '15 for only making the NIT...)
Seth Greenberg (former Va Tech HC, now an ESPN analyst)

I agree replacing him would be a ****, but I don't think it's as risky as it appears.  I'm willing to bet that these guys would AT LEAST be as effective as Pikiell, but if they aren't as effective, we would still be very hard-pressed to go back to the 4-24 days (considering our conference, and our OOC scheduling philosophy, i'd be shocked if don't get 10-15 wins per year EASILY).

I still think that it comes back to what we are willing to accept.  If we're ok with 20 wins and a CBI berth, then he should stay. The problem with this is that every year the failures continue, the harder it gets to break the streak (just ask the Cubs...)

The Cubs have changed owners, managers and players many times and still haven't won.  That may change soon.

No one is ok with 20 wins and a CBI berth.  If Pikiell corrects his biggest weakness (shooting) this team goes to the Tourney. He's pretty damn good at everything else.