Author Topic: 2014-15 Stony Brook basketball season  (Read 12651 times)


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Re: 2014-15 Stony Brook basketball season
« Reply #405 on: March 24, 2015, 08:20:38 pm »
The  problem is the conference is a 1 bid conference. You must win three games to get a 15 or 16 seed then face  a 1 or 2 seed. Bad selling point for a former big time coach.  We are not going to be a Sweet 16 team anytime soon  nor entice many big programs to come here for games.   So its a double  whammy. Bring a big name in  beat up on UMBC and Maine etc and hope we can win 3 straight in March just to be thrown to the wolves.  If we ever move up a notch or two in conference membership lets say to the MAC then  it makes sense . Even the CAA is a 1 bid league so no advantage there either.   I would be very happy with a team like VCU, Northern Iowa or Witchita St but that's a dream right now. Its the AE  and 1 bid wonders  for quite awhile.  So I don't think a coaching change will help unless we go in a tail spin with academics and wins and losses .  Our landscape has to change first before we become a real D1 basketball power.  So we win 20 plus games a season and hope for the best in March .