Author Topic: 2014-15 Stony Brook basketball season  (Read 12650 times)


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Re: 2014-15 Stony Brook basketball season
« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2014, 11:05:04 am »
that would be fuc ked up. So they would revoke a scholarship from someone that already has it? not nice...
Scholarships for all sports are valid on a yearly basis. If there is one player on the team last season who didn't deserve a scholarship - it was Mayo. He was God-awful last season.
I agree. Mayo was the worst player on the team and is probably not a Div1 player either, but, do we know for sure it is Mayo? This is all hearsay at the moment. Can a school actually revoke a players scholarship because he does not live up to the teams expectations Athletically ?? Sounds Barbaric, no????