Author Topic: 2011/12: Game 6 Stony Brook @ Eastern Illinois  (Read 289 times)


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Re: 2011/12: Game 6 Stony Brook @ Eastern Illinois
« on: December 04, 2011, 01:05:57 pm »
Lot more to the game than just fg %. Two of the guys u mention have alarmingly high turnovers to minutes played numbers...which might be one of the reasons the coaches who get paid to make these decisions may be reluctant to just "put the ball in their hands." Bracey in particular, who has some talent, is having some early difficulty getting acclimated...but he will no doubt improve as the season progresses. Collectively, the guards need to shoot it better...Dougher is 36%, Hayes 29% and Rouse 36%. But also keep in mind that everyone's fg% has been somewhat impacted by tough road games at Indiana, Northwestern and EIU. It will get better.

Astute observations and exactly what I had hoped to convey. A low percentage is a problem, but is rarely the only one. In my mind it's a confidence and chemistry issue. The more the team works those factors out - either through lineup changes or time in general - the better we'll be. Pikiell teams have always been weak out of the gate, then improve. While that's not a great quality, it does bode well for some exciting upcoming games.