Author Topic: 2011/12: Game 10 Stony Brook vs Cornell  (Read 212 times)


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Re: 2011/12: Game 10 Stony Brook vs Cornell
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2011, 09:39:46 am »
Cornell is a pretty good team, Ivy League or not.  They played Illinois really tough, and perhaps should have beaten Penn State (another Big 10 team) in their last game.  They want to shoot the three point shot, and push tempo with hard-nosed defense, so it should be a really good test.  Stony Brook must shoot the ball better, and continue to pound the offensive glass in order to have a shot to win.  Does Brenton continue to look more comfortable?  Is this the game Bracey starts to round into form?  Does Hayes start to look like the player he was last year?  Does Joyner rebound from the Rutgers game.  All questions that need positive answers....

Needed win last night, looks as if your squad heard me (LOL)!  We all know Dougher is a key, and when he shoots 4-8 from three you have a good shot to win.  However, Bracey with a career high makes you much more dangerous, as it gives you another scorer.  The obvious rebounding advantage, especially offensively (12 of 40 rebounds were offensive) gets you additional opportunities, and Brenton seems to be more athletic with every game.  Although Joyner didn't score, he did a great job with interior defense on their Centers.  I also like this latest starting line-up better, with both Joyner and Rapier up front with Brenton, as Rapier is a threat to score, and there are not many AE teams that will be able to keep those three (with Brenton) off the boards.  Coley looks more under control, and Bracey coming off the bench gives you some offensive, especially considering Jackson didn't score, and Hayes only had 3 points....last night looked more like the team many expected, but there is much improvement still needed.  Jackson/Hayes must score off the bench, and Bracey must continue to be an offensive factor.  A win Friday against Rider gives you a 5-6 OOC mark, and considering the way you have shot the ball, isn't too bad.  Cannot score 16 points in a half though, as you almost gave the game away.  Losing this game would have been a disaster, so getting the win has to give them confidence.  Don't expect Dougher to give the ball away 6 times; lucky to win with your starting PG having that many TO's....


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Re: 2011/12: Game 10 Stony Brook vs Cornell
« Reply #16 on: December 29, 2011, 08:38:07 pm »
When the lead started slipping in the 2nd half  it didn't look good-especially with the turnovers. Hopefully we look better Friday night and get another W.