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Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« Reply #495 on: May 08, 2018, 05:44:12 pm »
WOMEN'S LACROSSE: Was Stony Brook Snubbed by NCAA Selection Committee?

Stony Brook led both polls for most of the season, but won't have home field advantage through the quarterfinals. What gives?

From this data, it seems that the strongest indicator of seeding at the top was a team’s record against other tournament teams. It’s almost a straight linear pattern from the top down: Maryland won 12 of 13; North Carolina won 9 of 12; Madison won 8 of 9. Predictably, things get stickier when you consider Boston College and Stony Brook both played six apiece, with the Seawolves winning all six and the Eagles winning five.

I imagine the committee is prepared to argue that Boston College was undefeated until very recently, when it lost in the ACC tournament championship game to North Carolina. Clearly, the major difference between profiles is Boston College’s ACC Schedule (Average Opponent RPI: 23) held up against Stony Brook’s America East Schedule (Average Opponent RPI: 80).

Bottom line? The résumé differences between Stony Brook and Boston College are so paper-thin that either team would be a defensible selection for the No. 4 seed. Despite what the polls might say, it’s hard to sell Stony Brook’s No. 5 seed as an outright snub. If anyone has a right to complain here, it’s a No. 6 Florida team with more marquee wins than both of the two teams seeded immediately above it.

Stony Brook got a little unlucky with how some of its non-conference opponents turned out, but it still could have been more aggressive in its scheduling. Replacing a CAA opponent like Delaware with a nearby ACC school like Syracuse might be the extra bump it could have needed to pass BC.

Albany, the America East’s second-best team, did not come close to making this bracket as an at-large selection. Its RPI was 48.
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