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Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
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see the link i posted above about the human element.  the cmte admits they arent necessarily allowed to "eyeball" the selections.  and the polls arent necessarily factored in.  the polls are what the pollsters think are the rankings.  the RPI is done by CPU and that's what (mostly) drives the seedings.

that, and other factors.  for example- see geography.  see the men's side where bobby mo was TEN slots of RPI in front of richmond, and yet bobby mo gets the play in game.  why?  there's a 400 mile rule in place.  it's why denver goes to ND.  it's why cornell plays at syracuse.  it's why UVa plays at loyola.  they can only do so many 400+ mile flights.

also keep in mind one minor difference- the women's game has a larger field (27) and more teams and a larger presence in the midwest and west coast (south too).  therefore, QF sites are scattered better.  whereas the men's side, most of it is the 95 corridor.  thus, north is hofstra, south is navy.  and so your top 4 seeds might get the advantage of being near those sites (or, if hosting, a home game!).

I get it that schools want to save on travel costs, but this is postseason play with national championships on the line. They do this non-sense in the FCS playoffs too. Give one team a harder bracket just because they're closer to another team.

Looking at the teams that are in on the men's side: UVA, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Cornell, Denver..... none of those schools are hurting for money I can tell you that much. If damn Chicago St. can afford to fly their teams all over the country for WAC basketball when the state of Illinois didn't even give them a budget... I think most well funded D1 programs could afford another flight or two, just a thought.

The AE conference is the kiss of death. I've been preaching that for years and a few on this board always disagree. Well people. The proof is in the putting. SBWL got hosed because of this conference.

True, but Hofstra has been blocking us from the CAA forever. Maybe if we win the national title, it could be enough of a catalyst to get the rest of the league to add us for all sports. It'd be the cherry on top of what we already offer.

I dont know for sure if Hofstra still has us on their $hit list ever since Heilbron came on board, thanks Jim Fiore, We are open to all sports again, so I'd imagine we could join the CAA if asked..