Author Topic: 2016 SBU Women's Lacrosse  (Read 2152 times)

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Re: 2016 SBU Women's Lacrosse
« on: January 04, 2016, 11:55:53 am »

the IL Staff members give their wishes for the new year in lacrosse

Halley Quillinan (@hrquillinan)
Iíd like to give womenís lacrosse fans a spoiler Final Four team or two. Iím not complaining Ė because the competition is always fun to watch Ė but the same teams have peppered the championship weekend program for far too long. We have heavy-hitting Maryland and Northwestern, and more recently North Carolina and Syracuse have made themselves at home come Memorial Day Weekend. Iíll throw Duke and Virginia into that grouping, too, I suppose. I think itís time for some dark horses to flip the switch, and my money (albeit, early on) is on Notre Dame, Penn State and Stony Brook to be legitimate Final Four contenders come 2016.
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