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SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 04:32:29 pm »
we were a bit sloppy, most of the day.  we werent leading into the half and a few min coming out of the halftime. 

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:27:54 pm »
and we lose.  good season ladies, thanks.

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:25:17 pm »
end of 1st OT. GO SB

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:11:29 pm »
daly makes a great save on ohlmiller with 1 sec left.  OT

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 02:42:38 pm »
oldie- if you hadnt told us you dont know the sport, no one wouldve known!

teso is killing BC especially on the free position shots (which yes, im not a huge fan of and is constant discussion in the sport).

i think two yellows are out for the game (possibly next?), not sure. GO SB

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 01:59:11 pm »
7-6 SB at half.  it should be 11-7 BC, but teso made 5 improbable doorstep saves.  maryland tied with to navy with 10min left. 

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 19, 2018, 01:45:06 pm »
5-5 just before half.  apparently navy is up 10-9 on maryland.

i said it earlier this year- kennedy is an absolute monster, a complete midfielder.

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:42:49 am »

No. 4 Boston College vs. No. 5 Stony Brook
When: Saturday, May 19th at 1pm
Where to Watch: ESPN3
Last time: N/A
Key Players: Stony Brook - Kylie & Taryn Ohlmiller, Courtney Murphy; BC - Sam Apuzzo, Dempsey Arsenault, Kaileen Hart
Key Matchup: BC’s Attack vs. Stony Brook’s Defense
My pick: Stony Brook

It’s the matchup we’ve been waiting for all season, the one we thought we’d have to wait until the championship to see. However, Stony Brook’s lower than anticipated seed pushed this matchup to the quarterfinals. This seeding is putting yet another chip on Stony Brook’s shoulders to get to play back in La Valle Stadium for the championship. We’ll also get to see two Tewaraaton finalists go head to head, with Kylie Ohlmiller (86G, 66A) and Sam Apuzzo (80G, 35A, 138 DC).

Stony Brook is my pick in this one, not only is their attack on fire, featuring the second ranked scoring offense in the country, but the Seawolves also lead the country in scoring defense. Additionally, only one of these teams has been defeated this season, with Boston College losing to North Carolina in the ACC championship. The BC defense also struggles with fast breaks and covering cutters, and facing a team like Stony Brook that moves the ball fast and does it well, this poses problems for the Eagles.

A key for Boston College will be coming into this one confident from the start. The Eagles started off a little shaky against Princeton, but once they got into the groove their offense came together despite a faceguard on Sam Apuzzo. If we see this again, expect Dempsey Arsenault (56G, 32A), Kaileen Hart (51G, 27A), Tess Chandler (41G, 1A), and Emma Schurr (21G, 12A) to step up on the attack. The Stony Brook defense faces a high-paced offense everyday in practice, we’ll see if they can handle what the Eagles throw at them. Look for Brooke Gubitosi (31CT), Samantha DiSalvo (18CT), and goalie Anna Tesoriero (49.8% SA) to drive the Seawolves defensive efforts.

If Boston College wants to stay in this one, the Eagles defense is going to have to step up their game. They’ll look to Carly Bell (16CT), Hannah Hyatt (16CT), Elizabeth Miller (15CT), and goalie Lauren Daly (43.6% SA) to come up big. Stony Brook is led by Kylie Ohlmiller, Courtney Murphy (93G, 34A), Taryn Ohlmiller (52G, 55A), and Ally Kennedy (43G, 21A). Taryn Ohlmiller left the Penn game with a lower body injury, but hopefully we see her out there this weekend.

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:28:16 pm »

Seven Seawolves Earn Division I All-ECAC Honors

The Seawolves earned two major awards, as Senior Kylie Ohlmiller (Islip, N.Y.) was named Offensive Player of the Year, while Joe Spallina was named Coach of the Year.

Ohlmiller is joined on the All-ECAC First Team by Taryn Ohlmiller (Islip, N.Y.), Brooke Gubitosi (East Northport, N.Y.) and Anna Tesoriero (Huntington, N.Y.), while Courtney Murphy (Shirley, N.Y.) and Ally Kennedy (North Babylon, N.Y.) were selected to the All-ECAC Second Team.

Stony Brook has now won 20-straight contests so far in 2018, outscoring opponents 365-137. The Seawolves currently rank No. 1 nationally in six major Division I team statistics: points per game (29.80), scoring margin (+11.40), assists per game (11.55), shot percentage (.546), turnovers per game (11.95), and team defense (6.85 goals-allowed per contest). The program bested No. 14 Penn, 18-5, in the second round of the NCAA Tournament this past weekend.

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:23:07 pm »

Kylie Ohlmiller and Courtney Murphy’s numbers are jaw-dropping

Let’s just focus on this year for now. Ohlmiller and Murphy rank No. 1 and No. 2 in Division-I in points scored. Ohlmiller has 152 points (86 goals and 66 assists) while Murphy has 127 (93 goals and 34 assists).

Over her career, Ohlmiller now has a record 493 points, 48 clear of Jen Adams in second-place and 95 more than Hannah Nielsen, who was in third-place all-time before being passed by Murphy (now with 403) this past Sunday.

Before this season, only one player in the history of Division-I college lacrosse had ever recorded more than 400 points (Adams). Both Murphy and Ohlmiller have hit the mark this year and there is a high likelihood that Ohlmiller will reach 500 points either this weekend or next.

Murphy now holds the career goals record by a staggering 43 (now over Maryland’s Megan Whittle, also a senior this season). Ohlmiller holds the career assists record by 18. These players are now statistically running away from all-time greats.

Combined, they have 896 career points and 589 career goals. No pair of teammates playing their final season together have ever achieved anything CLOSE to that. The second-highest points total comes from Adams and her classmate Allison Comito (who ironically became the Stony Brook head coach from 2006 to 2011).

Ohlmiller and Murphy have combined for 589 career goals (and counting). The next best teammate total in D-I lacrosse history is 450 goals. Ohlmiller/Murphy is statistically the greatest scoring duo ever... by 30.9 percent.

Counterpoint: Kylie Ohlmiller has played seven games this season against teams that made the NCAA Tournament. She has 51 points (7.28 points per game) in those seven games, just off her 7.60 points-per-game clip overall.

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:17:05 pm »


Spallina argued that Boston College was done wrong by the selection committee like his Seawolves.

“I think they got underseeded,” he said. “They got put in a crappy spot [as the No. 4 seed]. ... It’s a situation where you have two great teams that have major offensive firepower. We respect the hell out of them.”

Offensively, Stony Brook (18.3 goals per game) and Boston College (16 gpg) rank second and 11th, respectively. More impressively, the Seawolves boast the nation’s top defense (6.9 goals against per game) against the Eagles’ No. 7 ranked defense, which allows just 9.1 goals against per game.

Four of the nation’s top eight point scorers will be on the field at once – Stony Brook's Kylie Ohlmiller (7.6 ppg, 1st), Courtney Murphy (6.4 ppg, 2nd) and Taryn Ohlmiller (5.4 ppg, 8th) and Boston College's Sam Apuzzo (5.5 ppg, 6th).

For pure goal scoring, three of the top nine are featured – Murphy (4.7 gpg, 1st), Kylie Ohlmiller (4.3 gpg, 4th) and Apuzzo (3.81 gpg, 9th).

“We create situations and adversity [in practice],” Spallina said. “We try to make our kids tough. There’s a reason why we haven’t been in a one-goal game this year. ... They’re not nervous about playing in a close game. Our kids love pressure.”

Apuzzo ranks 12th nationally in draws per game and her counterpart, Keri McCarthy, ranks 10th. McCarthy’s improvement, along with Carolyn Carerra, has been the focus of Spallina’s team this year.

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:05:57 pm »

2. Stony Brook, undefeated in the regular season but seeded fifth in the NCAA tournament, and Boston College, the second-to-last undefeated team, will meet in what could be the biggest game in Division I women’s lacrosse this season.

Come Saturday, two teams that felt slighted by the NCAA Selection Committee will battle for a final four spot — a game that seems fit for a championship. The buzz is already palpable surrounding Newton Campus Lacrosse Field.

For Boston College and coach Acacia Walker-Weinstein, it’s best to maintain a level head ahead of the biggest game of the Eagles’ slate thus far. Stony Brook and coach Joe Spallina are taking a different approach.

“We don’t run from the noise,” he said. “We embrace it. ... The mood is what you expect of a hungry group of people who feel disrespected.”

SBU Other Sports / Re: Women's Lacrosse: Discussion/ News
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:01:30 pm »

Stony Brook: Getting Back Their Chip

Known for their uptempo, creative offensive play, the Seawolves have scored almost thrice their opponents with 365 goals — which has a lot to do with their significant sharing on offense, proven in their 231 assists. But what has made Stony Brook such a force this season is their ability to balance out both ends of the field, pushing the boundaries on offense while remaining airtight on defense and being able to shut off opponents. That’s how they’ve managed to only allow four teams to score 10 or more goals on them in a matchup, and that’s how they’ve stayed at No. 1 in the country for a majority of the season.

Spallina says what makes this group of seniors so special is their belief in the program. “These seniors came to Stony Brook when we were nobody. They committed to Stony Brook when we were a vision and they’ve stayed the course and built something that is really special,” says Spallina.

And despite the decision, he thinks their seeding has had a positive impact on the team and has given them the chance to refocus on themselves. “I think it was the closest to us suffering a loss without losing a game, so it allowed us to get that little chip on our shoulder back,” explains Spallina. He says the team has had their best practices of the year since the selection draw, which has just added more fuel to their already intense fire. They’re in a great position now, they’re the “underdog” and everybody loves the chance at their own Cinderella story.

to me, there simply is not a better way to handle this situation than the way joe is.  bravo.

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