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Title: Another Pigskin Pick'em
Post by: sealhall74 on August 20, 2014, 01:44:30 pm
Hi SeaWolves Fans.  I am brand spanking new to this forum so hang with me for a minute.  I have been running this prediction game for fans of the Missouri Valley for a while now and am looking to expand my reach this year out to the CAA and others.  I hope a few of you come aboard and play each week.  It is all free.  Promo follows:

Pigskin Parlay (formerly Pigskin Prognosticator) returns for the 2014 campaign with expanded scope out to the Big Sky, CAA, MVFC, and OVC conferences. There is a separate contest for each conference (feel free to register and play in them all to increase your chances of winning).  Total of 15 games to pick each week including all conference team games plus enough top matchups drawn from the other conferences to fill the slate (I will probably cut back to 12 games once intra-conference games get underway).  The Saturday 8/23 FCS kickoff game between Sam Houston State and Eastern Washington is on the week 1 slate.  We still have a PowerPick and StatPick game each week to make things interesting.  NEW features include integrated Massey game pick help along with stat-based spider and tree map charts for the conference team matchups. And of course the season would not be complete without an FCS playoff bracket challenge with potential added reward for those who played each week of the regular season. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COST OR HIDDEN FEES TO PLAY PIGSKIN PARLAY.  The only thing you must give up is a few minutes of your time each week and your email address so I can deliver the goods.  What are the goods?  The weekly "All Conferences" winner gets $50 restaurant gift certificate and other conference winners get $25 certificate.  Overall conference regular season winners get $50.  I am also willing to donate winnings in your name to your favorite team "Booster Club" or other charity.   

You can give Pigskin Parlay a shot without committing - I have a "Guest" player account (password=guest) you can use to take it for a trial spin.  Do that or register for real by clicking on the "Submit Week 1 Predictions" link on this page:  (CAA)

P.S.  This project is 100% Google Docs and 99.44% purely a labor of love for a now retired IT guy and WIU Leatherneck fan who needs to keep his computer skills reasonably sharp just in case he needs to come off the bench and get back in the game.  That guy is keeping his fingers crossed that some day he will have this project running itself so he can spend more time traveling around the country to follow his favorite team.  If you are a savvy computer guru and would like to help support the effort, I would love to hear from you.