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Title: Hartford vs SB 4/25 7pm
Post by: Chairman of the Board on April 22, 2014, 05:37:09 pm
Night game at LaValle against Hartford to close out the AE regular season.  AE berth is on the line for both teams, winner gets in, neutral site at SB for the winner.  Likely plays Albany.

Like us, Hartford doesnt really have any big wins this year and some questionable losses.  They gave up only 15 to Albany, i guess that is something to hang your hat on. 

Theyve got a seasoned defense and a pole that can run a break and also score.  The offense, which i think is their strength, runs through the attack- all the feeding, most of the shooting, most of the scoring.  Theyve always seemed to attract very good talent on offense.  In fact, the offense is seasoned too, i recognize all of these names going back a few years. 

Ive seen parts of Hartford games this year but not a full game.  I expect a close one. 

SB has now put together big leads in the last few games and lost all except Vermont.  Defense continues to be a struggle and for the first time, Rowe actually was equalled at the X.  Except for Vermont, the last few opponents have all got into the double digits against SB. 

Its supposed to rain a bit on Friday afternoon and it should be 50' by game time.  Ill be on a plane to Florida for a wedding and will miss the action- updates appreciated!

Live video:
Title: Re: Hartford vs SB 4/25 7pm
Post by: joewillie on April 24, 2014, 08:05:51 am
Win or go home...let's get this done SeaWolves!!!
Title: Re: Hartford vs SB 4/25 7pm
Post by: Chairman of the Board on April 25, 2014, 11:50:44 pm
didnt see the entire game but not sure ive ever seen the team shoot that well.  they also seemed to play with an intensity and urgency that i havent seen all year long.  good timing.  salvaged the season.  turning around the ship at the right time.  they looked good and won when they needed to. 

for some reason, when andreassi and hughes have big games, we play well. 
Title: Re: Hartford vs SB 4/25 7pm
Post by: ecasadoSBU on April 26, 2014, 03:52:07 am
Thank lord. This saved us from potential huge time embarrassment as a lacrosse power in this league. We have never yet missed the America East Tournament and I had the feelings this year would be the first. I'm glad the finished out strong with a sense of urgency. Excited for the tourney. Hoping that kids show their best at the right time of the year, and HOPEFULLY coach N pumps these kids up. We can do this, we are Stony Brook!

I hope Binghamton some how pulls a miracle tomorrow (I know, highly unlikely) because I really don't want to face Albany and their native American trio in the first round. Saved that for later :)
Title: Re: Hartford vs SB 4/25 7pm
Post by: Chrissy D. on April 26, 2014, 11:05:41 am
 They played with intensity but looked loose. A lot more aggressive on offense, Hughes and Rooney with big gms. Hughes really shot well. Andreassi played one of his better gms ( does a lot of dirty work, takes hits ). Still sloppy at times but all around good gm. It was nice to see the emotion from the team, even the coaches. Curry, Cerasi, Lucaturto had nice gms with the poles.