Heilbron will soon finish his third year as AD.  Do you think he has generally improved the athletic program at SB?

Absolutely - big improvements!
2 (28.6%)
No way - this program is in decline!
1 (14.3%)
Treading water
4 (57.1%)

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Re: Shawn Heilbron / TWT
« Reply #150 on: September 11, 2020, 10:56:27 am »

Basketball season was originally slated to begin with games on Nov. 10, but is likely to move to Nov. 25 based upon a joint recommendation from the NCAA committees that oversee men's and women's basketball. The rationale makes sense. Most campuses are scheduled to clear out at Thanksgiving, so disruption for basketball teams will be limited.

As for football, the CAA soon will finalize a schedule for the spring. We do know that the regular season will end on April 17, with selections for the FCS playoffs taking place the following day. The team has been working hard and looking forward to "fall ball" in October.

The spring season, which will be limited to a maximum of eight regular-season games, is going to be a springboard for the fall.

A total **** show!

I disagree. I was against a spring season because it throws off the 2021 season, however if we use it in place of Spring football, limit it to 8 games, and then start the 2021 season in October as it seems to be the plan then I think this could work out well. Plus we get football year round from now until early 2022 basically in one form or another. I'm down.

If Biden wins the Presidency this will all change again. He will mostly shut the country down and sports, entertainment, concerts and all recreation events will be on hold. He sais it himself...I say the CAA should have played this Fall and do in conference games only. Or, play other D1 teams in your own state. We have many football teams between the  FCS and FBS in States where the CAA partisapates.
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