Heilbron will soon finish his third year as AD.  Do you think he has generally improved the athletic program at SB?

Absolutely - big improvements!
2 (28.6%)
No way - this program is in decline!
1 (14.3%)
Treading water
4 (57.1%)

Total Members Voted: 7

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Re: Shawn Heilbron
« on: March 27, 2017, 05:02:17 pm »
Like him or not, and reason for his dismissal aside, my view is that Fiore's regime was a major contributor to where the program has come.  He was a visionary and a vocal cheerleader for the University, that got SBU a lot of press.  For example, his touting the University during its College World Series run was superb, IMO, even if he was rambunctious and flamboyant (and some may even say, self-serving).  Heilbron seems much lower key and much less visible outside of the University.  This may have been needed initially, after the Fiore dismissal, but I think he needs to sell the brand more, and certainly become more visible externally.  I mean, except for the athletes, the donors and the AD fraternity, who even knows his name?

He definitely made a bold pick with Boals as MBB coach, but after 1 season, I think it was the right move and a good one.  If his main emphasis is the football team, however, then he needs to make a coaching change, since I think Priore is definitely not the way to go moving forward.

I gave it a Treading Water, although I would have stated the option as "hasn't helped the program, hasn't hurt the program much".

I like Heilbron and believe he is trying his hardest to raise money for athletics. We all knew that would be a tough task to accomplish, but he is trying very hard.. I dont like how he is not giving coach P the boot, considering SH claims to be a football first AD and wants to turn SB into a  powerhouse. First things first. Fire the HC and regroup..